Special Ticketing Arrangement for Sammi Cheng in Concert – Sale of Remaining Wheelchair Seats for Wheelchair Users

To allow more wheelchair users to have the opportunity to enjoy “AXA Presents #FOLLOWMi Sammi Cheng World Tour - Hong Kong 2019”, Media Asia Entertainment Limited (presenter), in consultation with the Hong Kong Coliseum, will specially release unsold wheelchair seats for purchase by wheelchair users from 8 to 10 July (Monday to Wednesday).  The tickets can be purchased via credit card telephone booking only and there will be no internet, mobile app nor counter booking.  Details are as follows:

Programme: “AXA Presents #FOLLOWMi Sammi Cheng World Tour - Hong Kong 2019”

Hong Kong Coliseum

12-16, 18-21, 23-24 &26-27/7/2019, 8:15pm

Special Ticket Sale:

A total of around 980 tickets (i.e. around 490 wheelchair seats and the same number of minder seats for purchase at the same time) located at the Wheelchair Platforms, each priced at $980, for the 13 performances will be available for purchase.  These tickets are only limited for use by wheelchair users and their accompanying minders.

Sale of these tickets will commence at URBTIX from 8 to 10 July (Monday to Wednesday) at 10 am through the following channel: 

  • Credit card telephone booking: 2111 5999 (10am – 8pm daily)

Each purchase is limited to a maximum of two tickets (“two wheelchair seat tickets” or “one wheelchair seat ticket and one minder ticket”) on a first-come-first-served basis.  Tickets sold are not returnable nor exchangeable.

(A credit card purchase limit is set for the ticket sale.  When the aggregated number of tickets purchased by the same credit card reaches the above-mentioned maximum number per purchase in any transaction, no more purchase can be made by the same credit card for any performances of this event on the days of ticket sale.)

Wheelchair seat tickets can also be reserved by telephone free of service charge for wheelchair users through the URBTIX enquiries hotline 3761 6661 (10:00am – 8:00pm daily) from 8 to 10 July.  Reserved wheelchair seat tickets can be collected and purchased by the patron in person or by a person authorised by the patron at any URBTIX outlets during designated periods.  If the reserved tickets are not collected and purchased during the designated periods, the reservation will be cancelled without prior notice.

Admission Arrangement of Wheelchair Seat Tickets:

  • Wheelchair Seat Tickets are designated for persons who depend on wheelchair for mobility and their accompanying minders.
  • Wheelchair users must produce proof of mobility difficulties upon admission and their minders must be admitted together with the respective wheelchair users.
  • Wheelchair Seat Ticket holders must produce proof of mobility difficulties* (*“Registration Card for People with Disabilities” (Physical Disability) or other valid medical documentary proof showing physical disability or mobility difficulties) upon demand by the venue management during admission.  Wheelchair Seats Ticket holders will be admitted only on providing the valid proof of mobility difficulties.
  • Venue management will refuse admission without refund, in case of non-wheelchair user or any person accompanying any non-wheelchair user holding Wheelchair Seat Ticket or Minder Ticket for admission.

On the day of the performance, tickets at unsold or unreserved wheelchair platforms may be released for sale to the general public from 10am onwards.  For details of ticketing arrangement, please refer to the ticketing information of relevant event. (

Hong Kong Coliseum’s enquiry no.: 2355 7234

URBTIX appeals to patrons not to buy tickets from touts

Please note that URBTIX does not authorize the sale of tickets at non-designated venues or through non-official channels.  Buying or obtaining unauthorized tickets carry risks and encourage ticket touting.  Members of the public are advised to buy tickets through official channels to prevent loss from frauds.

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