New Horizon




36 Episodes x 45 Minutes


Jinpo HONG


Julian CHEUNG Chi Lam、Fiona SIT、Sunny WANG、Toby LEUNG、Edmond LEUNG、Dominic LAM、Ming Sir

Release Date


In a flight, co-pilot of Mid-Summer Aviation Xiao Mo discovered a fire causing the death of Xia Yu’s mother, the company’s owner’s wife, indirectly. After investigation, the company eventually announced Xiao’s innocence, but Xiao resigned out of guilt and became a repairer. Two years later, Xiao rejoined the fleet and met Xia Yu, who is now a pilot, in a refreshment course on aviation. Xiao and Xia were stuck in a love triangle because they both fell in love with straightforward Wu Di the female pilot. When an incomplete report was released suddenly, some unknown facts once again turned Xiao into a suspect; he faced a possible flight suspension. Wu Di became more linked with Xia romantically. Xiao no longer cowered as he did before. He carried out his own investigation into the 2-year-old incident with all means so as to take to the sky once again by proving his innocence and capacity as a pilot.